Patriots Defeat Maryland Prep, Set Sights on North Atlantic Championship

by Paul Bazzano

FAIRFAX, Va. – In a stunning display of offensive prowess and defensive strength, the George Mason Patriots took down Maryland Prep with a decisive 38-6 victory on Saturday at home.

The Patriots dominated the game from start to finish, showcasing their skill and determination. With the win, the Patriots have set the stage for their upcoming games, solidifying their reputation as a formidable force in the NCFA.

Looking ahead, Mason will face off against Coppin State University at home on Saturday, November 4th. This game is expected to be a tune-up for the Patriots as they prepare for their much-anticipated battle against Scared Heart University on November 11th. The stakes are high as the two teams will be competing for the North Atlantic Championship and a berth into the NCFA National Semi-Finals.

Mason has proved time and time again that they are a team to watch, and their performance on Saturday was no exception. With their eyes set on the championship, the Patriots are sure to bring their A-game in the coming weeks as they strive to secure their spot in the NCFA National Semi-Finals.

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