George Mason Patriots Club Football: Igniting the 30th Season's Fire

by Paul Bazzano

Fairfax, VA - As summer's warmth gives way to the promise of fall, the atmosphere is charged with the excitement of a new chapter for George Mason University's Club Football team. The Patriots are gearing up for their monumental 30th season, fueled by decades of dedication, triumphs, and a burning hunger for success. With a fresh coaching approach, a roster boasting both seasoned veterans and incoming talents, and a desire to leave a lasting legacy, the Patriots are poised to script another unforgettable season in their storied history.

Writing History One Season at a Time 

Since its inception in 1992, the George Mason Patriots Club Football team has woven an intricate tapestry of passion and commitment. From their inaugural competitive season in 1993, their journey has been defined by hard-fought battles and moments of glory. As the team stands on the precipice of its 30th season, the ultimate goal of clinching the National Championship title remains ever elusive, with a runner-up finish in 2021 and a national semifinal berth in 2022. This season, the Patriots are determined to turn the tide in their favor and etch their names in the annals of college football history.

Guiding the Charge: A New Head Coach and Fresh Vision 

Leading the charge in this crucial season is head coach Aaron Raffle, whose arrival has injected a new energy into the team. Raffle's track record, including his tenure as the head coach at Thomas Jefferson High School and his role as the Defensive Coordinator for the DC Divas of the Women's Football Alliance, brings a dynamic perspective to the Patriots' playbook. With his strategic acumen and tactical brilliance, Raffle aims to transform the Patriots into a championship-caliber force.

Crafting an Offensive Symphony 

Orchestrating the Patriots' offensive strategies is newly appointed offensive coordinator Orvin Weatherly. Recognizing that change often heralds innovation, Weatherly's presence promises a fresh perspective to the team's offensive game plan. With his creativity and expertise, Weatherly aims to redefine the Patriots' offensive identity and keep opposing defenses guessing at every turn.

2023 Season Schedule

  • September 16: George Mason @ Clarkson University (Neutral Site)
  • September 30: George Mason @ Coppin State (Location: Baltimore, MD)
  • September 23: BYE WEEK
  • October 7: George Mason vs. CIC (Location: Fairfax, VA), Start Time: 6 PM 
  • October 14: George Mason vs. Pitt (Location: Fairfax, VA), Start Time: 1 PM
  • October 21: George Mason vs. Sacred Heart (Location: Fairfax, VA), Start Time: 1 PM
  • October 28: George Mason vs. Longwood (Location: Fairfax, VA), Start Time: 1 PM
  • November 4: George Mason vs. Maryland Prep (Location: Fairfax, VA,), Start Time: 1 PM
  • November 11: Conference Championships (Location: TBD)
  • November 18: NCFA Semifinals (Location: TBD)
  • December 2: NCFA Championship (Location: TBD)

Returning Champions: Upholding the Legacy 

The Patriots' returning players are the pillars upon which the team's aspirations stand:


  • Gabe Gibson: A defensive powerhouse, Gabe Gibson's impact transcends the field. His undeniable presence and athleticism earned him the 2021 NCFA Defensive Player of the Year award and two consecutive First Team All-American titles in 2021 and 2022. While his on-field prowess is undeniable, Gibson's dedication to his studies and his leadership abilities further elevates his significance to the Patriots. The team eagerly anticipates his potential return, hoping for his leadership and exceptional skills to fortify the defense once again.
  • James Jin: A cornerstone of the defense, James Jin's distinction as an NCFA First Team All-American Safety and Punt Returner underscores his importance. His ability to read the game and make pivotal plays adds a strategic advantage to the Patriots' arsenal. We may see James utilized on the offensive side of the ball in 2023.
  • Curtis Brooks: A dual-threat player, Curtis Brooks shines as a wide receiver and a defensive asset. His accolades as a 2022 NCFA First Team All-American Wide Receiver highlight his exceptional skills, with over 700 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns. Brooks also showcases his versatility with 2 interceptions on the defensive end.
  • Theo Assan: Having joined the team in 2022, Theo Assan has quickly established himself as a vital contributor on offense and defense. His offseason dedication to strength training has amplified his prowess, making him a force to be reckoned with as a defensive back and wide receiver.
  • Seth Constable: Bringing a wealth of experience and leadership, graduate student Seth Constable's role as a returning starter at middle linebacker is pivotal. His on-field acumen is matched only by his ability to inspire and guide his teammates. As a member of the leadership team, Constable's influence extends beyond the field, shaping the team's culture and cohesion.


  • Cole Jasmin: Quarterback Cole Jasmin's arm and mobility make him a valuable asset. In 2022, he showcased his talent with 1,470 passing yards and 16 touchdowns, coupled with 170 rushing yards in just seven games.
  • Alex Walker: A versatile player at running back and linebacker, Alex Walker's return after an injury demonstrates his commitment to the team's success. His determination to bounce back and contribute significantly on both sides of the ball is evident.
  • Yadiel Yohannes: Known for his leadership and competitive spirit, Yadiel Yohannes not only bolsters the offensive line but also infuses the team with camaraderie. His dedication to excellence in all aspects of the game sets an example for his teammates. Yadiel’s experience and leadership will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the team's success.
  • Jacob Goode: Transferring from the prep powerhouse Maryland Prep, Jacob Goode brings his formidable presence to both the offensive and defensive lines. His recovery from a season-ending injury in 2022 reflects his resilience and determination to make an impact. Standing at 6'3" and weighing 310lbs, Goode's physicality promises to be a game-changer.
  • Basil Hasan: Basil Hasan's prowess as a wide receiver is matched only by his distinction as the 2022 NCFA President of the Year. His leadership qualities and on-field excellence add a unique dimension to the team's dynamics.
  • Peter Tran: A steadfast pillar of the Patriots offensive line, Peter is gearing up to make his return for another impactful year. With a proven track record as a multi-year starter, Tran's dedication and skill bring both stability and strength to the team's crucial front.

Key Losses: Shaping the Next Chapter 

While the Patriots celebrate their returning stars, they bid farewell to players who have left their mark on the program:

  • Toby Therrien: A stalwart of the team, Toby Therrien's contributions were instrumental. Off-season surgery may have altered his path, but his influence and dedication remain part of the team's DNA. 
  • Nathan Williams: A beacon of consistency, Nathan Williams transitioned from a second-team All-American in 2022 to a first-team All-American linebacker in 2021. His presence on the field and leadership in the locker room will be sorely missed. 
  • Abhinav Khatri: A standout talent, Abhinav Khatri's accolades, including a 2021 1st Team All-American on the offensive line, speak volumes about his impact on the Patriots' success. 
  • Donovan Adams: Donovan Adams' contributions as a left tackle were pivotal in shaping the team's identity. His graduation marks the end of an era on the offensive line.

Fresh Faces: Igniting the Future 

The Patriots' lineup welcomes promising freshmen, poised to make their mark on the team:

  • Austin Moore: Joining the team as a sophomore, the dynamic WR/KR/P from Dacala, Georgia, Austin Moore, is set to make his mark on the field. Standing tall at 6'3" and weighing 190lbs, Moore's size, speed, and versatility are sure to add a new dimension to the Patriots' offensive and special teams. Notably, Moore's punting prowess sees him consistently launching the ball over 60 yards.
  • Justin Jones: A freshman linebacker from Midlothian, VA, Justin Jones brings tenacity and skills honed at Cloverhill HS. His 6'1" frame and 220lbs stature make him a formidable presence.
  • Josh Yazdizik: Hailing from Trumball, Connecticut, freshman offensive lineman and defensive tackle Josh Yazdizik's 6'2", 300lbs frame promises strength and resilience in the trenches.
  • Colin Tran: A transfer addition hailing from the powerhouse Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, VA. Standing at 6'1" and weighing 230 lbs., Colin brings valuable experience and depth to fortify the line of scrimmage.
  • Lucas Danylec: A promising addition to the George Mason Club Football roster, joins the team as an incoming freshman lineman from Hayfield High School in Alexandria, VA. Standing tall at 6'5" and weighing 325 pounds, Danylec brings substantial size and versatility to both the defensive and offensive lines.
  • Ricardo Douglas: An electrifying playmaker from Friendship Collegiate Academy in Washington, DC. With experience at QB/WR and a knack for explosive returns, this 5'8", 180lbs dynamo adds versatility and excitement to the Patriots offense.

Igniting a Passion: Join the Patriots Today! 

Don't let the term "club" fool you—this is real football, and the George Mason Club Football team is where the action happens. We invite former high school players, across all positions, to be part of a legacy that's about more than just the game—it's about forging bonds, building character, and making the most of every moment.

Do you miss the electrifying rush of the gridiron? Are you craving the unbreakable bonds and camaraderie that come with being part of a team? Don't let time slip through your fingers—seize the chance to reignite your passion for the game you've cherished since childhood.

You've got the skills, the heart, and the drive. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Be part of the legacy that's forged on the field and built on friendships that last a lifetime. The clock's ticking, so join the George Mason Club Football family today and become part of something great. The field is waiting—are you ready?

Go Patriots!